codelerity offer a range of services that can be customized to meet your needs at every stage of development.

Software design, architecture and feasibility

We can work with you from the earliest stages of your project, helping you sketch out design and architectural decisions, investigate technology options, or develop a proof of concept. If you’re integrating with one of the open-source technologies we support, working with us early in the process can be most effective.

Software development and optimization

We can develop full applications or custom libraries to meet your requirements, or enhance open-source projects with the features you need. We also work with clients on their own code, developing new features, investigating problems, and helping to optimize.

Help, support and maintenance

With our support contracts, we’re always on hand to help you, as a source of specialist advice, or to deal with urgent problems. We can provide training in specific areas, or just save you time in navigating the code and documentation of the projects we work with.


We work with clients around the world working across a broad range of sectors. Previous clients and users of our technologies include those working in development, broadcast media, live events, machine learning, agriculture, in-flight systems, medical imaging, security and defence.

Areas of expertise

Alongside broad experience across the JDK ecosystem, some key areas of expertise include -

  • PraxisCORE - forest of actors concurrency, distributed systems, low latency and real-time code hot-swapping.
  • GStreamer (Java) - flexible media processing across client, server and embedded; playback, streaming, analysis / machine learning, real-time communication, and more.
  • Java / native bindings - open-source and custom native libraries, JNI, JNA, Panama.
  • Java and visualization - OpenGL, GLSL, GPU’s, Processing.
  • Embedded Java and physical computing - custom displays, IoT, sensors, robotics.
  • Apache NetBeans platform and IDE - custom framework applications, packaging, plugins.
  • Swing, OpenJFX and other desktop/client API’s.