Free and open-source software is at the heart of codelerity's work.

We lead on, contribute to, and work with a broad range of open-source tools. Some key projects we work on include -

PraxisCORE / PraxisLIVE

PraxisCORE is a modular, real-time recodeable actor system. With a distributed forest-of-actors architecture, runtime code changes and comprehensive introspection, PraxisCORE brings aspects of Erlang, Smalltalk and Extempore into the Java world ... a powerful platform for media processing, data visualisation, sensors, robotics, IoT, and lots more!

PraxisLIVE is a hybrid visual live programming IDE for PraxisCORE. Mixing node-based actor visualisation with comprehensive live programming support, it blurs the boundaries between low-code and traditional development.

These projects were initiated by codelerity founder Neil C Smith, and the technologies within them provide a thread through the commercial services we provide.

GStreamer (Java)

codelerity lead development on the Java bindings for GStreamer.

GStreamer is a powerful and flexible pipeline-based multimedia framework. It can be used for a broad range of purposes across client, server and embedded, including playback, streaming, analysis, machine learning, real-time communication, and more.

Our clients work with GStreamer and Java across a wide range of sectors including broadcast media, live events, machine learning, agriculture, in-flight systems, medical imaging, security and defence.

Apache NetBeans

We’re active participants in the development of the Apache NetBeans platform and IDE. codelerity founder Neil C Smith is a member of the Apache NetBeans PMC and Apache Software Foundation, and is particularly active on the release team for the IDE.

We work with clients to provide custom development and support for their applications built on top of the NetBeans platform.

We’ve also been working with Gj IT to provide our own packages of the NetBeans IDE.