codelerity offer software development, consultancy and advice.

We focus on real-time systems, real-time programming, media, embedded and tools on the JVM.

Our areas of expertise include -

  • PraxisCORE - actor concurrency, real-time systems and code hot-swapping
  • GStreamer bindings for Java
  • Apache NetBeans platform and IDE
  • Java and visualization - OpenGL, GLSL, GPU's, Processing, etc.
  • Java and physical computing, sensors, robotics, etc.
  • Java / native bindings
  • DSP
  • Swing, OpenJFX and other desktop/client API's
  • Custom tools and workflow designers


codelerity was founded by Neil C Smith in June 2019. Neil has almost 20 years of experience working with Java technologies. He spent over a decade as a consultant, developer, and later company director, delivering web applications for the third-sector and small businesses.

Alongside this work, Neil has developed numerous creative technology projects for galleries and museums, and contributes to a wide range of open-source software. In particular, he started PraxisLIVE, a radical open-source Java live programming environment, about which he regularly talks at conferences and user groups.

codelerity exists to provide wider commercial services related to the many technologies used, contributed to or developed as part of PraxisLIVE.